Huckleberry Lane is a family business since we all have a role to play in getting our furniture sold. We've long admired antique & shabby chic furniture & realized if we wanted to grace our home with it, we needed to learn to do it ourself. With the combined efforts of Marc, Kelly & Heather, we figured out how to make old ugly furniture into something lovely for our own home & we got carried away, making more than we could handle, & that is how Huckleberry Lane was born. If you have questions or comments we would love to hear from you, our blog readers! Send us an e-mail at

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Anonymous said...

Love your furtinture!! Love the story Your Dad is very talented!! Looking foreword to having a new place to shop on my Favorites!

Unknown said...

Was wondering where you are located at? Love your back story & admire the beautiful piece loved with loving talented hand & hearts!

Amber said...

Hi Connie! We are located near Salem Oregon. Thank you for the compliments about our furniture!