Saturday, September 8, 2012

White Antique Wood Cupboard

This is my dad's newest masterpiece which was just completed today!  My dad loves old wood.  He collects it.  He hunts for it.   We're all happy when he finds it because this is what his love of old wood and his amazing vision  can do.  He creates things like this stunning cupboard. 

Dimensions: 40" wide, 17.5" deep, 39" tall.  

Most of the wood this cupboard is made with is from a 100+ year old home, even the wainscoting is old and very solid.  There was one piece that actually had square nails in it!  
(pictured with pewter handles)

Vintage hinges and simple detail on the legs.

 (With glass handles)
Okay, we couldn't decide which handles looked best on this piece so we put on two different sets.  Pewter and glass.  We're going to give you the honors to pick the set you would like on your cupboard.

Lucy has made it her duty in life to inspect each piece of furniture I photograph.  She approves.

Stunning wood!

See all the amazing colors of paint inside?  It's all original!   

 We just couldn't paint over it... it would be wrong.

This is the back of the lovely painted wood.  

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