Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Unique Elegant Buffet

We purchased this stunning buffet from a 60 year old woman who, when she was a little girl, remembers her father bringing it home in exchange for a logging job he did for a family.  Her father said it was old when he got it!  She remembers this buffet in her father's home all these years but due to space she was forced to sell it.  We happily snatched the opportunity and started a new project.  

This buffet has a very unique feature.  There is, what I want to call, a bread board pull out but instead of wood it's copper!  We're not really sure why it's copper other than making this piece extra unique.  We've been told it's for pouring and mixing liquor.  The top drawer is the whole length of the buffet giving ample storage space for table cloths, silver, and place mats, ect.  There is intricate detail all over this buffet making the whole thing pop with interest!  



Anonymous said...

What color cream is that? I'm looking for a nice cream color that doesn't look yellow. Thanks

Amber said...

Thanks for the comment! You know, we had our paint supplier make this color just for us, so I'm not sure how you could get it. I guess you could find a color that you like, even if it's on a piece of furniture or something like that, and you can take that to your paint store and they'll often help match the color. I hope that helps a little bit!