Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Our Etsy Shop!!!!

Oh my goodness!  I'm so excited to announce Huckleberry Lane's Esty shop!  I've been making and wearing unique hair accessories for a long time now, so after many many compliments and encouragements to open an Etsy shop, I've done just that!  I have a few hair clips posted and am working on more.  I have several darling baby head bands and lace earrings almost ready to post.  

The clips are backed with an alligator clip which makes them very secure in your hair, on a headband, purse, bag or as a lapel pin!  These lovely clips can be used in countless ways and you will find it rather enjoyable to see all the things you can do with yours!  These can even be clipped onto a wedding bouquet, on the ribbon or burlap around a vase with flowers!  Stunning!

My sisters, mom and I simply adore wearing the clips in so many different ways.  I'm surprised how often people take notice of the clips and comment on them.  

 Each hair clip I make is unique since I don't have a pattern.  I just keep working on it till it looks right and makes me happy!  When it's done I begin snapping pictures since I'm eager to share my creations!  

Each bow has lace of some sort, unique tulle, fabric with texture and you can't forget the pearls!  Pearls and lace make girls and ladies happy!  

Please pass on the link below to anyone you think will fall in love with lace, pearls, tulle, and vintage!   Remember to check back often since I'll continue to add new items.  You won't want to miss them!

Huckleberry Lane's Etsy shop

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