Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2 Antique Built-in Cupboards

It is certainly Spring!  We will have a deluge of rain from black, ominous clouds and seconds later the sun will be shining gloriously and the sky will be full of white, fluffy clouds!  I love the one (the sun) but the rain...well, I say let the sun shine!  We had been spending lovely days outside working but since this rain-sun-rain-sun weather started we've been house-bound and trying to get indoor projects done.  

Heather found these 2 antique wall cabinets stacked on top of each other at a garage sale and instantly saw potential.  Actually, they looked so awful that she was worried they'd never spruce up but you tell me if she was right!  No indeed!  We were not surprised that with a lot of TLC and paint these pieces perked up to such an extent that we're finding it hard to part with them, imagine the possibilities.  Dad created these amazing old wood tops for them to give them a very elegant, used feel and it worked wonders!  The pieces look like they've been sitting around for over a century with all the texture and charm time gives furniture.  The cupboards have slightly different tops so I've taken pictures of both so you can see the difference.  Also one is 4" longer than the other.

One cupboard is 14" deep, 44" wide and 40 1/2" tall, and the other one is 14" deep, 40" wide and 40" tall

For Sale - $285 each


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Oh my too late! Love the treasures posted!