Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spring on Huckleberry Lane

I know Huckleberry Lane posts pictures of furniture but sometimes I get an itch to post something new and exciting.  Like Spring!  I thoroughly enjoy taking pictures all year but for some reason Spring really gets me excited to pull out my camera and start capturing the vibrant new flowers and veggies that are popping out with lush greens and stunning colors.  Like I said in the last post, we've been able to get our fingers (and hands, feet, legs, knees, arms and even face) dirty in our rich country soil as we plant seeds and flowers and pull 10,000,000+ weeds.  For some reason the weeds seem to soak up more sun and sprout faster than our eagerly-looked-for-and-tended flowers and veggies....  But alas, we do see signs of our labors popping out of the ground encouraging us with thoughts of corn, squash, beets, tomatoes, and cucumbers later in the summer. 

 This is my newest Old English Rose.  I used my birthday money to get this treasure and can't wait for the rain to stop long enough to get it planted!  I L.O.V.E. roses!!!  Aw!  The fragrance is just divine!

 The Rock Roses just bloomed!

 Dad and Gracie are transforming the old chicken coop into a dog house, getting it ready for our 2 darling English Cream Golden Retriever puppies.  

 If you can see past the weeds (yucky) maybe you can spot the squash growing on the mounds.  Our whole family LOVES squash!

 Our lettuce patch.  When I took the picture Lydia said she was pretty sure those were weeds and thought it silly I was photographing them...  ;-)

 One of our Knock-Out rose bushes near the herb garden.

 The first of our apples...or are they pears....I'm not sure but they are for sure the first fruit from the trees we planted a few years ago.  I'm planning the apple pies already!

 Yes, it's fishing season here.  The kids live for fishing...not totally sure why but it sure delights them and it makes us happy to see them so excited!

 This pond isn't on our property but just over the hill behind us.  It's closer as the crow flies than it takes to drive there.

Spring is famous for it's glorious sunsets!  No editing for this pic!

 Spring is also the herald for the wee peeps!  Mama hens are setting and hatching fine broods.  They are amazing mothers and it's so fun to watch them keep those chicks close to them. 

 Day old chicks!  

 Our rooster, who is actually not mean,  is able to roam about now and then.  It's just what he leaves behind we don't really care, yeah.  Not fun.

 We bought Mom this clematis last year for mothers day and this year it's really taken off and has many stunning blooms covering the lovely vine, she is so excited!

 Gracie made this trellis out of scrap wood from the shop.  Looks amazing and does it's job superbly.

Pots and flowers.  

Spinach!  Grow, baby grow!  We want to eat your yummy goodness!   


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Blessings to you all!


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yeah! Love your pictures!

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Love the gardening pics!!